Enrolling at Mawson Lakes

Enrolling at Mawson Lakes School

Mawson Lakes School is a zoned school operating under a Capacity Management Plan.
Living in Mawson Lakes does not guarantee enrolment at the school. We do not register families outside of our school zone.


Capacity Management Plan 

Mawson Lakes School is under constant enrolment pressure. The Department for Education has applied a capacity management plan to which we currently operate under. The conditions for enrolment at Mawson Lakes School from 2020 onwards are detailed in the
Capacity Management Plan  gazetted on 17 January 2019 (reviewed as required).

You can use the Find a School or Preschool website to determine your school zone.

Expression of Interest for Enrolment
The documentation that we require to place your name on the enrolment register:

  • Copy of residencial council rates OR Copy of 12 month rental agreement with bond receipt
  • Drivers Licence - showing your Mawson Lakes address
  • Copy of 2 utility bills (excluding. SA water) e.g. gas, electricity, phone or internet
    (please note if you are new to the residence we can except welcome letters from the above)
  • Copy of your child/ren birth certificate or passport and Visa if born overseas
  • Copy of any medical action plans

Visa Papers
If you have emigrated to Australia, please provide us with your Visa papers and Visa Number. If your child has limited oral and written English; we expect that they attend an Intensive English Language school to develop their English proficiency. The zoned IELC school for Mawson Lakes School is Ingle Farm Primary School. 

We DO NOT GIVE OUT ENROLMENT FORMS until an enrolment has been confirmed by the Principal.​ 

Reception Enrolments for 2021

We are now taking expression of interests for Receptions starting in 2021

  • We will require you to bring in all of the above documentation, then you will be asked to fill
    in an 'Expression of Interest' form (this does necessarily guarantee your enrolment)
  •  Cut off to submit your expression of interest is Week 8, Term 3 (11th Sep 2020)
  •  The school will notify parents of the final outcome of this process by week 10, Term 3
    (25th Sep 2020)
  •  We have the capacity to accept 130 reception students who meet the enrolment critera







Mawson Lakes School
12-24 Garden Tce,
Mawson Lakes
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