Mawson Lakes School Governing Council Inc


The Governing Council’s role is to:

  • Set broad directions for the school in conjunction with the site leader. This may include the school vision, statement of purpose, and school values which focus on improving student learning. 
  • Develop broad directional policy statements that assist the school to achieve its vision and broad direction 
  • Initiate and approve recommendations and strategies (whilst conforming to government policy, industrial agreements, DECS policy and direction and site decision making structures).


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Governing Council Constitution


MLS Governing Council 2017 - Members

Following the 2016 Mawson Lakes School Governing Council's Annual General Meeting, we are pleased to announce that the following people have been elected to the Govrning Council for the coming year:

Office Bearers:

  • Chair: Dominic Marafioti
  • Secretary: Linda Kotz
  • Treasurer: Matthew Edwards
  • Principal: David Cowles

Council Members:

  • Ali Barry
  • Nick Henderson
  • Dominic Marafioti
  • Sam Evans
  • Linda Kotz
  • Matthew Edwards
  • Michelle Dunn

Staff Representatives

  • Kathleen Spencer
  • Sue Lemmer